I hate to be unkind at a time like this, but you owe someone a sandwich.
Greg Beaulieu

Gosh, you’re missing out.

I watched “Young Frankenstein” once when I was young and liked it. After studying comedy rather intensely, I watched it again, fearing that it had been visited by the Suck Fairy.

Quite the reverse — it was only improved. I honestly cannot remember a better example of comic timing than that movie,

and I only feel sorry for Teri Garr — a fine actress but not at the level of Wilder, Kahn or Feldman. (But then the film is only improved by her slight stiffness! For all I know this is deliberate…)

The first scene when all three of them are together, when Wilder and and Kahn are striding toward the house arguing and Feldman is running and talking between them, is one of the peak moments in film comedy.

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is another film undimmed by time and later inferior remakes. Wonka is a mercurial character in the most terrifying way. His line, “You get nothing”:

is downright mean — it’s only on the second viewing you see that he isn’t quite meeting the boy’s eye when he says this.

The only reason that he could pull that really nasty line off and still bring about the ending of that film is that he was a genuinely warm human being and I think that his genuine warmth spoke to many people. I don’t think too many of us were surprised when he dropped out of the film industry because it isn’t a place for a compassionate person, and I’m glad he went on to have a good long life away from it.

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