The Great Baby Bust of 2017
Lyman Stone

I agree with all your facts — I don’t understand why this bothers you. Surely an exponentially growing number of Americans, each of whom on average consumes an exponentially growing amount of the world’s resources, is a threat to all?

We’re at the point where we consume significantly more resources every year than the planet can support. There seem to be only two possible solutions — either lowering the birth rate so the population can decline to supportable levels; or doing nothing, and running face first into resource exhaustion and some sort of terrible die-off.

(And that’s not even taking into account climate change, which will seriously impact the world’s food production and make a lower population even more necessary.)

Your message is that the United States needs to go back to exponentially increasing population. This is a wrong message, it’s an evil message because it will result in running out of resources and a catastrophe, and I am completely against it.

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