Tom, you merely expanded your claim, adding new claims, and moving the goalposts.

I feel you did not read what I wrote.

Crime is deplorable, but universal in all cultures. A lawless police force that is just another gang undermines the fabric of society itself.

I am not at all claiming that police are unnecessary. Quite the reverse. In most first world countries, including the one I now live in, the police are generally competent and friendly.

The US is unique amongst first world countries in many ways — in the large number of its own populace which it kills, in fact that its members act as if they are above the law and are in fact not help accountable for even the grossest misconduct, in its hypermilitarization, in the large number of communities “served” by police who are implacably hostile to the very citizens they are supposed to be protecting, and by the massive overincarceration.

I think none of the claims in the paragraph above are at all controversial.

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