Bernie didn’t win the nomination.
It took me the better part of two days to figure out how to hell to respond to comments.
caroline beaulieu

I want to add one more point — you actually don’t know for a fact if Bernie won or not.

What we know at this point is that we had a primary whose distinguishing factor was massive voter suppression if not downright fraud, all in one direction, suppression which certainly swung hundreds of delegates — to the level that the DNC was forced to apologize, unprecedented in US history!

And then we had a convention also unprecedented in US history — a contested convention where only supporters of one candidate were allowed to speak.

It’s quite possible that Hillary might have won anyway without the voter suppression and the connivance of the DNC — but we will never know for sure.

To pretend as if this were some fair and honest fight which Hillary won is contrary to the fact.

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