Tom, you were making some good points … until you got to the end and gave us an assertion of…

I was reiterating the original statement I was commenting on.

In terms of raw numbers, police only directly kill about two-thirds as many people as gangs do every year (about 2000).

But “danger” isn’t just death. There are over two millions Americans in jail, and many of them are there for minuscule or even just procedural offenses — and over 4000 of them die there each year. This dwarfs the effects of all the gangs put together, and at least some portion of that massive human catastrophe is due to massive overpolicing and police forces who are pathologically hostile to their communities.

More fundamentally, a hostile and aggressive police force that is above the law presents a far greater existential threat to society itself than gangs do. All societies, no matter how well organized, have criminals — but when the police themselves are just another gang it threatens the very idea of “civilized society” itself.

I stand by my statement.

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