I am a social media addict and I quit for a month. Here’s my story.
Steve Schlafman

I wasn’t even that addicted! Sometimes a day or two would go by with no Facebook (my only real social media) — though sometimes a lot longer than that.

But then came the election. I hate both candidates. I did not want to hate my fellow man. I just stopped showing up on FB altogether.

And you know, I didn’t miss it. I got more work done. I started writing more. I have managed to almost completely ignore the election, a basically content-free activity this year, without even ignoring the news. I am definitely a happier person.

Honestly, I feel as if I should go back and check FB. For whatever reason quite a few of my friends use that over email. After the first two weeks I did check in and replied to messages… but it’s been a month since then. But… I just don’t want to Facebook any more!