What a thought provoking response.
Parker O'Brien

I’ll bet you get a lot of that, because what can people say to you? “Your heartless and economically irrational ideas, expressed with arrogant unshakeable conviction, have resulted in the looting of the United States by the 1%, which is destroying the country and making everyone’s lives precarious”?

But why would you listen or care about that? You show no evidence of caring for others — you’d no doubt respond with your usual cheerful arrogance.

If I thought having an adult conversation with you would shake you from your sociopathic ways, I’d be on it like a shot. But what’s the point?

Decent people hate you because your band of merry lunatics are destroying everything that was good about the USA. They instinctively understand that no form of reasoning will work against your religious ideas about economics.

I join them in offering you this sentiment: fuck off and die.