To quote our most unpopular President ever: Sad!
Suzy Soro

I’m not a US citizen, though I’m a taxpayer.

Your candidate lost, and you learned nothing from it. Nothing, nothing, nothing and until you get the slightest clue you will continue to lose.

Here’s what your inept candidate and DNC lost: the majority of:

  • Congress
  • Senate
  • the Supreme Court
  • 50 state governorships
  • 50 state Houses
  • 50 state Senates;
  • and the Presidency — to an abject moron.

You completely screwed the pooch. It was absolute and total failure — utter, complete, abject, snivelling failure. Your DNC fixed the primary, you argue it was their right, but then they lost lost lost lost lost lost.

Feel the hatred building. Who did this to you? Why, the DNC did.

If they weren’t a terminally dysfunctional organization, they’d have had analysis of what they did wrong. Much of the management would resign. They’d rebuild themselves from the ground up.

They did not do this.

Expect to lose lose lose lose lose until they do.

Did I say lose lose lose lose lose? I meant lose lose lose lose lose lose lose lose.

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