So many more jobs are going to be lost to forms of automation like bots and self driving cars.
Tristan Gruener

It seems to me that a universal basic income is the only possible solution to, “Never any jobs again ever for the majority of humans.”

Allowing people to just fend for themselves will result in unimaginable suffering, and inevitably violence at some point when enough people have nothing to lose.

I’m not at all against regulatory solutions to problems, but how would it go?

Would we legislate some portion of all work to be done by hand? Surely it’d have to be different for search engines as compared to construction — it would seem to be an impenetrable forest of specific rules — but worse, in many cases we’re basically condemning people to do boring, arduous or even physically destructive work that would be done better and cheaper by machine.

Once we have accepted the “machines are cheaper and better” idea, and the “humans have no moral imperative to engage in drudgery and toil” idea, and we don’t want to just kill the poor in great swaths, we have to start giving people money.

And once we’re giving pretty well everyone money, we might as well just give it to everyone, get rid of the whole accounting system of public assistance that in America costs more than the assistance itself in many cases, and replace it with “everyone gets the same”.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this ever flying with conservative America, so I see a tremendous tension building up over the next decade or so, and I don’t think it will end well.

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