Hillary Clinton Had Convulsions Then Collapsed: What Actually Happened on 9.11.2016
Trent Lapinski

It was particularly interesting to see deleted posts on Reddit on Sunday.

All about Hillary Clinton, mostly very mainstream news stories, mostly with thousands of upvotes — all swept clean, not in 24 hours, but in an hour.

For about 45 minutes longer, there was one post on the front page about this story — from r/gifs, with a GIF of the incident. And then, zap!, deleted — at about 2500 total upvotes.

I made two comments on a post on r/politicaldiscussion — both extremely moderate. The third time I tried to post, I was told to “You’re doing that too often” and to wait seven minutes. Fifteen minutes or so later when I remembered to try again, I was told to wait ten minutes.

And — let me be honest — Occam’s Razor says that Hillary is most likely not suffering from anything really significant. Occam’s Razor proves nothing, mind you — but most controversies, absent other information, turn out to be nothing.

In my mind, the takeaway here is not that Hillary is certainly suffering from something serious. She might be — we have no way to know — but most likely not. The takeaway is that she immediately resorted to lying or at least “dissembling”, told two different stories before finally settling on a third one — and now we’re supposed to be conspiracy theorists if we wonder if this third story is true or not?