You know, I’ve grown accustomed to sloppy and irresponsible writing by this publication and by you…
Sirous Martel

But now, a hundred years later, they have the exact same freedoms as any other Tulsan.
The exact same.

It’s funny that I can tell so very much about you from this tiny spew of yours. In particular, I can tell you’re an American, you’re white, you’re a Conservative, you’re a Trump supporter — because no one else, no non-American no matter how conservative, no other person able to write coherent English, no rational person would claim that African-Americans have in practice the same freedoms as a white American.

In particular, police officers are an objective threat to non-white Americans. Americans of color are killed by their own police forces at a rate far higher than whites — far higher than in any other country in the first world.

Have you ever been in a school in a predominantly black neighborhood? I have, and I’ve been in schools in developing countries — and let me tell you that the schools in developing countries were better in each and every way. The state of the school system for poor kids of any color is a national disgrace — it’s no wonder that so many youths are unable to make their way in society, given that we give them no useful education whatsoever.

Please go away, and take your willful, proud blindness to some other conversation with similar people of like mind.

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