Millions of people use ride sharing every day.
Carmageddon is Coming
Angus Hervey

It’s not “ride sharing” (for the most part). 95 times out of a hundred, when you get into a Uber car, you aren’t “sharing” anything with anyone. You are employing a driver to take you somewhere that you want to go.

The phrase “ride sharing” is a legalistic scam intended to convince people that Uber is not a taxi company. This has nothing to do with “sharing” as it is defined in the dictionary…

…and more, people don’t actually speak that way. No one talks about “sharing a ride” when they mean “calling an Uber”. If I told someone I shared a ride home last night, they’d ask, “With whom?” and if I said, “I meant that I took Uber”, they’d be puzzled.

Please — don’t perpetuate Uber’s weasel words any further. It’s disruptive of good communication.

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