I have a hard time understanding why we can’t call this kind of thinking out as ignorant.
Tyler Hurst

Let me preface this by saying that Trump is an obvious psychopath whom no one should be supporting.

But perhaps you should have spent a little time putting yourself in this person’s place. Hillary Clinton’s message is that America is “already great”; it is “business as usual”; it is “we will change nothing”.

This message has no appeal at all to the hundred million Americans who are struggling. It has no appeal to millennials who very reasonably suspect that they will never have anything like a career in their lives. It has no appeal to pacifists such as myself because Hillary promises more warfare on top of the seventy years of continuous foreign wars we’ve experienced. It has no appeal to the woman in the story because she reads about Hillary getting more money than many Americans earn in a lifetime for twelve speeches to banks, and rightfully expects that Hillary will prioritize the well-being of those banks over hers.

Hillary is an unappealing candidate with thirty year record of failure — Libya, Syria, the Honduras, the Defense of Marriage Act, voting to authorize the Iraq War, the email scandal (she lied to the American people, she lied to a judge, and she destroyed evidence — don’t try to snow people that this is nothing), and going further back, her role in the incarceration state, in Wall Street deregulation and welfare reform.

Trump is the only reason to vote for Hillary. And yes, Trump is considerably worse, but for many people, that just isn’t enough.

What a shame that the DNC is such a terminally corrupt organization. What a shame for America that our leaders are such inept thugs.

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