Mike Rowe is a useful idiot.

The masses deserve a voice.

My friends are sharing this article. Some questions:

1. Which political party has spent the most effort on voter suppression in the United States?

2. Which groups are most targeted for voter suppression efforts?

3. This speech is basically saying, “Don’t vote if you aren’t educated”. Might there be a correlation between “people who are uneducated” and these targeted groups?

4. Might there also be a correlation between “difficulty of voting” (i.e. the opportunity cost of voting being a significant fraction of your net worth) and being a member of these targeted groups?

5. Dunning-Kruger: The people who are the real irresponsible idiots will never believe that argument applies to them. The people who will self-eliminate from the voting pool after reading this will be earnest, thoughtful people who are insecure about the depth of their knowledge — the people who rationally should be our best voters.

Cui bono?

The US has a long history of trying to suppress the votes of people deemed inferior. It hasn’t worked out in the past, and I don’t see it working out in the future.