A woman who has eaten progressive goodwill for breakfast every day for eight years!
Bad Moon Rising
Laurie Penny

Ms. Obama has been a warm and endearing presence. But Mr. Obama’s presidency, of course infinitely better than McCain/Palin could have ever been, has still been an abject disappointment for progressives. We’re still at war in Iraq; still at war in Afghanistan; Gitmo is still open for business; no one faced significant consequences for starting the war in Iraq or starting a torture chamber; no one paid any consequences for the Global Financial Crisis, not even the senior bankers who committed thousands of serious felonies.

Are things any better for African-Americans? For the poor? On climate change?

To those few Americans still on the left, the country is moving towards a cliff. When we have a Republican President, we run towards the edge — with a Democratic President we stroll towards it. We need leadership that will turn about and walk away from disaster.

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