Every problem you mentioned will be worse in an environment of people’s from different cultures and…
Al Brown

Nothing I wrote or in the original article had anything to do with multiculturalism — and in fact, both writers appear to be white people living in America.

But then the rest of it. Whoa.

Are you under the impression that that seemed sane, or rational, or coherent? I have to break it to you that it does not.

It’s funny. I’m neither an R nor a D (and not living in a swing state, it makes no difference) and so when people started telling me that Trump supporters were crazy, I just wrote it off as hyperbole.

But I read more and more crazed rants like this one — and I’m really starting to wonder if many Trump supporters are literally crazy — as in “have a clinical mental illness”.

Certainly Trump himself is either insane, or has worked very hard to give the impression of being insane. Just the front pages today, about Trump engaging in a Twitter storm at 5am against a former Miss Universe — I mean, if you saw this in a movie, you’d say, “Oh, come on, this is too ridiculous — no Presidential candidate would ever do that.”

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