You preen about morality, yet the law that you defend has led to the premature deaths of 10s of…
Parker O'Brien

Of course you don’t have any links proving your claim, because no peer-reviewed papers show anything of the sort.

Obamacare is however not going solve the problem of US healthcare. It was a neoliberal bandage on the gaping wound that is the US for-profit health system.

But ripping the bandage off without having something better ready to replace it will likely be terminal for the patient. More, the actual solution, single payer, is one that would never be contemplated by the group of mentally-ill people that now rule America.

For decades, the US health system has consumed far more money per person than any health care system in the world — but delivered health care at the levels of a developing country. Worse is the “hidden” problem of people being financially destroyed by illness, a problem which manifests almost nowhere else in the world but America.

Obamacare was a market-based solution to a problem that has never been solved anywhere by the free market. You would think you might look at systems that worked and want to imitate them, but Americans are particularly stupid in that regard.

So it’s no wonder that the center-right Democrats could see no better solution than a lightly-regulated free market, and that the lunatic-fringe fascist right Republican party can’t see any resolution other than destroying the whole thing. Both parties are professionally blind to system that doesn’t allow the 1% to loot it.

But you shouldn’t be surprised when you propose pulling away the bandage and allowing the patient to bleed out, that people involved with the patient call you a lot of nasty names — because you richly deserve it.

(Center-right? Mr. Obama’s politics were to the right of pretty well all of Nixon’s, except for “teh gay”, and even then Obama opposed gay marriage until it happened. And both parties are pro-foreign wars, pro-Wall Street, pro-fossil fuels, pro-surveillance, and relentlessly against the law being applied to the rich and powerful. By the standards of America in her past, or the contemporary standards of most first world countries, America has two right-wing parties.)