Noone has any rights once they are forcibly taken away, unfortunatley.
Jack Poontaint

The network runs too deep and too far across the globe, many organizations are involved. One day you could be in LA and within 2–3 days you’re in India and then Russia.

Sorry, I flat out don’t believe you.

Why exactly would someone go to the tremendous effort, cost and risk to fly a kidnapped sex worker out of LA, to India and then to Russia, when Russia is already filled with desperate, beautiful women in the sex trade?

I’m not going to say that it’s never happened — it’s a very big world. But does this happen regularly? No. I can’t believe this without some sort of proof, as it makes no economic sense whatsoever.

Don’t get me wrong — the sex trade is huge, worldwide. But the idea that hordes of US girls (or boys or men or women) are being sent to foreign countries to be sex workers is impossible to believe without hard evidence (and no, a news story about a single person doesn’t constitute that evidence, I want a statistic with actual numbers).