We The People
Tristan Louis

Sorry, this is another bogus slogan.

Obama ran on “Hope” for his first campaign, and “Change” for his second. But we got neither.

We got more wars in the Middle East.

There were literally tens of thousands of felonies committed in order to cause the Global Financial Crisis — HSBC alone pled guilty to thousands of counts of money laundering, any one of which should have netted someone 7 to 14 years in prison — but no one actually went to jail.

The incarceration state continued to grow. Lawless police officers continued to murder people of color and no attempt was made to systematically fix this.

The United States still runs concentration camps abroad — Obama’s plan to “close” Gitmo turned out to mean moving the prisoners to the United States, but still never giving them a trial or any Constitutional rights. No wonder both progressives and conservatives banded together to vote against this.

“Hope” means “You aren’t getting anything except promises for the future.” It’s a scam.

I believe that the reason that eight years of Obama had record losses for the Democratic Party as a whole was that Americans realized that “hope” was a Fata Morgana, a complete illusion.

So in 2016, given a choice between a mediocre right-wing machine politician who told them “America is already great” (i.e. give up hope, because no change is coming) and a deluded and mendacious far-right wing demagogue with only a tenuous grip on reality but who was at least willing to promise change, they picked the crazy guy.

By continuing to mouth empty promises, we’re continuing the strategy that has lost for us for years now. We must learn from our mistakes, or perish.

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