The American left are (mostly) self-indulgent idiots who will continue to fail until they develop revolutionary discipline.

I am starting to think that the American Left is determined to be as ineffectual as possible — by prioritizing “getting their yah-yahs out” over “effecting change”.

We’re trying to piss off the Trump Administration with stupid, symbolic non-victories. What purpose do pointless demonstrations and actions that simply express dislike of Trump serve?

My father used to say, “Offend people with substance, not style.”

What does it profit us to piss off for no practical benefit a group who’s just as likely to do stupid things that damage us and themselves and the 300 million hostages they hold?

If I were running the left — fat bloody chance, that — I’d be scrupulously polite to Trump to his face, while attempting to score as many practical, substantive victories as possible.

Anger the Trump Administration by foiling their evil plans in a disciplined manner. That strategy of success can be admired by people on both right and left — but it’s worse than useless to anger them by simply being randomly rude.

Think about all those people who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, and then voted for Trump in 2016. The general trend (on my Facebook page at least) is long diatribes about how much we hate these people.

Tell me — you think these tactics are going to work to win back these hearts and minds for the 2018 midterms or the 2020 Presidential election? We need to be recruiting these people, not reviling them!

It’s like the left is a bunch of oppositional teenagers trying to make themselves seem as tough as possible, rather than adults attempting to get the best practical results out of a difficult and dangerous situation.

While I have generally had a very collegial and warm professional life, I have multiple times been put into oppositional situations in the work place — like most people.

You must know by now the way to deal with these is not by randomly lashing out emotionally at management or whatever structure it is that is oppressing you, but through discipline, never allowing yourself to show anger, and steady pushing in the direction you know things must go.

As a marginalized group whose political power is in eclipse, we cannot afford to engage in self-indulgent acts. Part of the reason I am so strongly against the “We won the popular vote”/”Trump’s governance will be magically changed because he has no mandate” bullshit is that it gives us the illusion of a power that does not in fact exist.

What we need is revolutionary discipline — the discipline to give up activities that make us “feel good” in favor of longer, more difficult and less entertaining tasks that will actually achieve our goals, and every revolutionary has written about this very problem in one form or another. Machiavelli wrote about essentially this idea over five hundred years ago, FFS!

Learn from the past, or be prepared to fail until you do.