This has nothing to do with sensible and practical — this has to do with people like the original author and yourself who exhibit no understanding whatsoever as to why the majority of Americans can’t ever just travel to Europe for months to deal with a failed romance.

And you continue with your glib and completely uninformed bullshit saying that the reason people can’t magically come up with a few grand to travel is because they’re SENSIBLE, PRACTICAL, and LOGICAL.

What you willfully refuse to understand is that a hundred million Americans and more would love, love, love to go away for a few months but are poor.

It seems that neither of you have the faintest understanding of “poor” at all — you think that “poor” is just a state of mind and if these people just weren’t so SENSIBLE, PRACTICAL, and LOGICAL, they could magically be free of all their obligations and have the money magically appear.

Now, I proved in my article — and you didn’t even bother to address — that to spend months traveling you’re going to require thousands of dollars, more money than most Americans have in the world. If you literally don’t have the money to even get on a plane, how are you going to get to Europe and North Africa?

Basically, you’re another arrogant individual who has some money, and simply refuses to understand that a hundred million Americans and more have basically nothing, and their ability to jaunt off to Europe for a few months is zero.

I personally live in both worlds. I spend a month or two each year traveling — and I also have many friends who are poor, two of whom are outright homeless (both of whom have serious medical issues too).

It’s fine to write an article saying how you should travel for months to deal with sadness if you have the resources. It is not fine to act as if the reason that people don’t do this is because they are SENSIBLE, PRACTICAL, and LOGICAL, when the real reason is that they are BROKE and DESPERATE, and their problems originate from not having any money and will not be solved by spending a few thousand more dollars that they do not have and cannot get.

I really suggest you spend some time with some of the bottom 50% poorest the Americans before making fatuous pronouncements. When was the last time you hung out with someone who’s household income was less than 50k (the media for the US)?

tl; dr: “Let them eat cake” was offensive 200 years ago, and continues to be offensive to this day.