People should suffer for the Iraq war, but so too should those involved with the Vietnam War and anyone still beating that drum is wasting time, energy, and opportunity.
It took me the better part of two days to figure out how to hell to respond to comments.
caroline beaulieu

This is why America is a morally bankrupt country of war criminals.

Sorry for the snipey response, but when it comes down to it, you killed two million in Vietnam, you killed half a million in Iraq, and you learned fuck all.

Instead of saying, “I was powerless to stop this. Maybe I can’t stop the next one, but at least I won’t participate,” you learned the lesson, “There is nothing I can do to prevent genocide, so instead I’ll vote for the lesser of two evils, and we can keep doing this for the rest of time,” which is a wrong lesson!

I’m not seeking to make voters powerless. Voters are, through no fault of their own, and certain no fault of mine, already more or less powerless. (NOT entirely powerless though! Never give up your vote! If nothing else, the amount of effort the Republicans spend on suppressing your vote should clue you in that your vote has value.)

I’m saying that in their powerlessness, they have at least one option — to refuse to consent to this travesty.

Being “with her” means that the blood of the Iraq War is on your hands.

I’m dead fucking serious here. If you say, “I’m with her,” you have to add, “Half a million people died in Iraq based on complete lies, and I’m OK with that.” You are saying, “We trashed Libya for nothing, and I’m cool with that.” You are saying, “We took down Syria and caused ISIS” (OK, perhaps we should put ISIS in the Iraq category, but oh, here’s Hillary again!) “and I have no problems with ISIS.”

If Hillary gets in, she’s going to start more wars of choice and that blood will be on your hands.

There’s no way you can get past it. You know all this. You know what she’s like. She’s told us over and over that she’s a hawk.

When she nukes Tehran, you have no “plausible deniability” — you can’t say, “Well, I supported her, but this killing ten million people is such a surprise — her last genocide killed but a half a million people!”

And let’s be realistic here. Trump isn’t even as convincing as the Washington Generals. When you start maligning the parents of a “fallen” soldier (God, I love that phrase “fallen” for its Orwellianism, like they just, like, “fell over” and maybe are even trying to get up!), maligning the parents of a dead a soldier who is also a Muslim, you are trying to lose, you are trying to offend as many people on both sides as possible.

The whole thing is a scam. They give you the illusion of choice because you’d complain otherwise — and because once you vote for Hillary, you (as a moral individual) will feel morally implicated when she does nuke Tehran and be unable to fully oppose her actions.

It’s very likely you aren’t even in a swing state! In which case, there is zero chance that your vote for R or D has the slightest effect, and mathematically (I can actually say this because I have a degree in mathematics) in a non-swing state, your vote only has any value if you vote for a third party.

You seem like a decent human. You’re in a quandary. It isn’t your fault.

But when the casualty reports come in from Gulf War III — when you realize that the TPP was the second half of the hammer blow after NAFTA that completely destroyed the idea of “a decent job” in America — you won’t be asking me for absolution, you’ll be asking that face you see in the mirror every day.

And I fear that face in the mirror will shake her head and turn away.

EDIT: and thanks for your compassionate and human response. I’m not trying to guilt you out, or make you feel powerless — I’m trying to wake you up to the long-term possibilities of your actions.