John McCain—In Life And Death—Was The Hero 2018 Needed
Alex Whitcomb

This was a man who never saw a war he didn’t like. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dead because of wars that he (and other “leaders” like himself) enthusiastically supported.

No one’s going to say nice things about Charles Manson when he dies, and rightfully so.

But Charles Manson participated in less than a dozen murders and then spent the rest of his life rotting in jail — as he should have. John McCain “led” his country to commit hundreds of thousands of murders.

And of course, he spent decades tirelessly fighting against women’s reproductive rights, if that matters to you — it does to me.

The idea that because someone is likable, you can completely overlook the fact that they did terrible things in life — this idea is completely morally bankrupt.

It’s why the Democrats are doing so badly in America — because even a warped and evil moral system like Trumpism is more attractive to most people than no moral grounding at all.