Other than the fact that Liberty University exists, your comment is dead on.
Eve Moran

Well… in some sense I wouldn’t be too worried about Liberty University. I mean, those kids aren’t getting out of that school and going to work for Google or the Venter Institute — it’s not prejudice on those institutions’ parts but simply the fact that they only take the top few percent and you simply can’t make it to the top few percent in a school that teaches you lies.

Reality has a liberal bias, as they say.

It’s the humanities which will be hit, and hit hard I fear. There aren’t objective criteria to hit — in my field, my program has to work and no amount of toadying will make a broken program into a working one, but when it comes to arts or history, you can point to any old crap, call it brilliant, and as long as the canvas doesn’t fall off the wall or the essay have gross grammatical errors, you can’t prove that it’s crap.

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