In the name of my cousin, Lyndol Kingry, who died of AIDS in 1992, and who told me he wanted to see…
Brian Williams

Well, my parents died of AIDS and I’d rather urinate on their graves than support Hillary Clinton.

Forget about this terrible gaffe — look at the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton voted for this war and then to make sure that we knew she meant it, she went on cheerleading and speechifying for that war for almost a decade.

That war killed half a million Iraqis, more Americans than 9/11 and drained trillions from the Treasury. This wasn’t a minor error — it was a screw-up of massive proportions. No one involved should be anywhere near the reins of power again.

Then, showing that she learned absolutely nothing at all, she did it again in Libya.

We have over ten years of her support for the “Defense of Marriage Act”. How can you speak of your cousin and support Hillary Clinton?

We have the incarceration state; we have Wall Street deregulation; we have NAFTA. We have millions of dollars from Wall Street right into Hillary’s pockets — far far more than any other Presidential candidate in history, something I would have thought for the first 50 years of my life could only happen in third-world countries.

Supporting Hillary Clinton sends a clear message — that there is no error so great and no crime so huge that Americans care in the slightest. You defame the memory of your cousin with your support for this odious and relentlessly corrupt individual.