What is your preferred method then?
Charles Black

Why do you think private services are a good way to deal with emergencies? As a society, we don’t generally do that — because we want well-trained people responding, and because if everyone sees each disaster as a profit-making event, they’re going to flood into areas where the authorities are trying to control.

The idea of all these Uber cars racing into an area which the police are trying to cordon off is the height of ridiculous.

In most of the world, this is one of the many uses of public transportation — yes, they just take the busses and use them to ferry people out of there! Huge advantages — for one, you can get a lot more people out a lot faster; for another, if you fear someone trying to get away as was the case last week, you don’t have to search a thousand Uber cars trying to leave, but simply drive the busses to somewhere you can easily check people off as they exit.

Let me explain my guess as why you are advocating an idea that seems on the surface to have no merit on it — I’m guessing that it’s your religious belief that private enterprise is always the solution to everything, and government has no place at all in any of this, even in dealing with emergencies.

Did I hit the nail on the head?

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