Fail not to recount how the Witch oft causeth my cow’s milk to runneth dry, and also inflicted…
Tom Christy

Your language is a little archaic, but if by “copulate with devils” you mean “has unnatural relations with Wall Street and the military-industrial complex” then I’d have to agree with you.

It’s really fortunate for both candidates that each is pitted against the only other candidate they could possibly beat.

To be specific, it’s astonishingly lucky for Hillary Clinton — by far the worst Democratic candidate in my fairly long lifetime — that she is pitted against her long-time friend Trump, someone who seems determined to throw the election by deliberately alienating every demographic except the minority made up of white working-class males (and even many of them find his antics frightening).

To be honest, I’ve mostly tuned the election out since I wrote the article you’re commenting on.

Living in New York State, no action of mine will have any effect on this shit show, so I might as well save my emotional energy for important things, like music (right now, Sibelius).

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