Questions for those who grew up without mobile phones

Day 3/100 days of writing

During my way home, I was reading on my iPad and halfway during the journey I looked up. Nearly everyone on the bus was looking at their mobile devices. Two people were reading a physical book, the rest were on checking the news, emails or Facebook.

I’m 20 and I remember the Nokia brick phones and Windows 95 but I was born into the mobile generation. So today’s journey made me question what it was like before mobile devices? Like what exactly did people do without the aid of 4G Internet and location services…

  1. Did people ever talk to each other on public transport? Ask them how their day was etc. Or was that never a thing?
  2. How did you cancel your plans if something came up last minute?
  3. Did you call all your clients at work everyday as opposed to email?
  4. How did we keep in touch with all our friends after high school, university or work?
  5. Did you always have to go to the library to find information?

I don’t have a single clue.

All I know it is that I’m grateful that we live in a great age where we can access communication and information with a few taps on the latest iPhone’s. Call a friend, use Google Maps and send photos instantly.