Week of November 13, 2016

Things I Enjoyed That Aren’t Articles.

Basketball Clip: Golden State v. Phoenix had a pretty funny back & forth sequence, but it wouldn’t be a week of NBA season without one Giannis highlight.

Twitter Happenings: May I present a conversation between Bill Walton (2x NBA Champion and All Star) dealing with everyday problems the way anyone does: Twitter.

Top Left: Initial tweet that started the hilarity. Top Right: Conversation between Bill and Hawaiian Airlines. Bottom: Bill and bike reunited.


How We Built Our Bubble. This covers topics that have been swirling through my head during the past few days since the election. I didn’t vote for either candidate (in Iowa, Trump won by a large margin and my one vote didn’t impact the results too much), but I wonder how many people walked away from Facebook/Twitter disgusted with fake news stories and concerns about an echo chamber effect. In 2013, after the 2012 election, the RNC came out with a report about social media and its impacts on the 2012 election. They decided that people who don’t normally share political posts are likely to make a bigger impact on the undecided vote-especially if something they share makes the undecided voter feel warm. (Obama campaign posts about Bo the dog and the Obama family, Romney posts about concerns with Russia and how bad Obamacare is-who would you vote for? In fact, I heard a lot of comments about how the 2012 Netflix documentary Mitt made people feel bad for voting against him) But the truth is, not many posts in this election were capable of creating warm feelings. With the way the Facebook/Twitter increased capabilities to block people who might be differing from you on policy, maybe you don’t see this warm side of the campaign and are turned off from both candidate? Who knows, but this was an interesting read on how you can maybe make your newsfeed more inclusive. I am concerned about the rise of fake news, anything posted by redstates.org or occupydemocrats.net should be taken with a grain of salt. Invest in real journalism, because it’s needed today more than ever. Find a national paper that you like, as well as looking for a local paper. Spend your morning drive listening to Morning Edition on NPR-find your local station here. Please know the difference between opinions and commentary, rather than reporting (in order to help you find this difference, turn of the tv). Facts and opinions are different. (Hypocritical Note: Many of the articles that I share on here are opinion/commentary)

NFL Playoff Odd Simulator. This is a pretty neat little tool to help you in the last few weeks of the NFL season, though if you’re a Packer fan like me, it will likely depress you.

I Believe I Can Fly: The Oral History of Space Jam. This a hysterical fake account of how Space Jam came about (Happy 20th, btw). Very good, very fake. Just beware of the curse words.

Weekend Superlatives: The Weird and Wonderful From College Football Week 11. The analysis of the Iowa football team’s punting game is incredible. I love Kirk Ferentz (I’d still be okay with firing him) and I love the Hawkeyes, and I’m completely aware of the flaws of both of them-so this is funny.

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