Young People Are The Future — And The Future Is Progressive

We are living through a rough spot in history, but here’s something inescapable: the future is progressive.

Young Americans today are the most progressive generation yet. An overwhelming majority of them identify with the core values and beliefs of the progressive heart of the Democratic base. As they come into their own power as the largest eligible voting bloc, young Americans will demand much better than they’re getting under Republican rule.

Life under the Trump Administration will energize and activate them — but only if they find a true home for their optimism and ideals in the Democratic Party. That’s why I am wary of any effort to sow discord within the Democratic Party, and I question the motives of anyone who attacks progressivism at a time when it’s more necessary than ever.

Did I mention that the future is progressive? Young Americans want a country that lives up to their values. They respect the freedom and dignity of their fellow Americans, regardless of race, sex, gender, color or religion.

They are willing to fight to protect their rights — and the rights of others. A woman’s right to control her reproductive health. A religious person’s right to worship as they choose. A person of color’s right to access the same opportunity and equality as every other American. An immigrant’s right to feel safe and dignified as they contribute to our economy and our culture.

Young Americans want an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful few. More than any other generation since the Great Depression, they are suffering the effects of our dangerously imbalanced economy. They are the first generation since the Great Depression with the least projected economic mobility and financial security. Young Americans refuse to accept this and are fighting to change it.

They want change, but they don’t want climate change. Young Americans want bold action that will reduce pollution and address the threat of climate change. After all, they’ll have to live with the consequences. Besides, acting to prevent massive disaster is simple common sense. Young Americans know this — even if the Republican Party and its fossil fuel masters don’t.

That’s why NextGen Climate is launching NextGen Rising, a major effort to organize and engage young voters in eight key states. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this story on Mic about this crucial effort.

These are challenging times, but there’s also great reason for optimism because young people are the future — and the future is progressive.