Impeachment: Big Mistake? Huge!

Progressives who are calling for Presidential impeachment proceedings are not thinking it through. Granted the President is a bumbling incompetent who is devoid of grace and human knowledge, and is making our country a laughing stock in the eyes of our friends and enemies. Granted that is a problem, but whose problem is it?

As progressives, the real problem is that our government presently consists of this Republican President, a conservative Republican House of Representatives and Senate, and a Conservative Supreme Court. Can we improve on this by removing this unspeakable President through Impeachment or by way of the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution? No. The result would be far worse in my estimation — the present Vice President would become President, a focused, ploddingly competent Theocrat — and then this Congress could get back to business and really do some damage to “we the people”.

Investment of our political and physical resources in an impeachment action would be a waste of time and a bloody distraction from our goal and mission to take back Congress in the 2018 mid term elections. Our best course of action as regards this President is to turn our backs to him and snigger, and act to block any action taken by him that is not in the best interests of all the people, and to work very hard for success in 2018.

He is a huge problem. But he is not our problem. He is the problem of his party. Apparently they have not figured out what to do about him. It is apparent each day that fewer and fewer of his people, in his administration and Congress, are really working for him. His frustration builds and it is very likely that he might just resign — I hope not until after the 2018 elections. If his own party moves to remove him (which would be uncharacteristically smart of them) then we should block them in Congress and prop him up a little until early 2019.

He is a charlatan presiding over the end of the Grand Old Party — don’t look [snigger]. What real harm can he do? What could go wrong? Oh . . . the nuclear codes you say. You are right, but fortunately there is no button for him to push. He carries a card with authentication codes that he would relay to a vetted and a trained military aide at his side (not one of his people) who would then activate the launch procedures. Or not. I firmly trust in such an event there would be mutiny. The man is not a bumbling fool posing as a competent reasonable man — he is a bumbling fool acting the part of a bumbling fool. He does not inspire confidence and certainly not within the military. I believe the mutiny has already occurred. I would bet he has already been provided with false launch codes.

Here’s hoping and working for 2018, and for our great grandchildren.