There is a quote in Malay that said, ‘ Jauh di mata dekat di hati’. Well I believe that it can be the other way around. Well, in English I believe it sounded like this, ‘so close yet far fetched’. Have you ever been in this situation? To feel lonely even the person who you thought to be close to you is actually the opposite.

It is indeed tiresome to feel that you’re worthless for anybody. To feel neglected by everyone. To feel rejected by everyone. It’s unhealthy for your mind and body. Well, of course for us who has been in these situations for a very long time, we won’t tell anyone about it. We’re just going to ignore it since that we don’t other to think that we’re a attention seeker.

Can you feel it, or at least try to inderstand it a little bit? Try to imagine. You were talking to someone. Talking and talking and talking until you’ve come to a sudden realization that the person you talked to didn’t really want to have a conversation with you at all. So, you make a move by saying ‘Goodbye’ or ‘I think I’ll stop now because of some errands’ or ‘you must’ve been busy. Sorry for disturbing’. The moment you said that then the person will immediately replied. See?

It’s not a big deal actually. But if it happens thousands of time, who would survive that? There will come one time when a cheerful person will end up being a cold, heartless one. There will come one time when an talkative person become quiet, because of this. They don’t like the way they changed. But they know it’s the only way to make others happy or at least not to be disturbed by them. They’re willing to sacrifice their soul, their heart just to ensure that no one would feel annoyed. But in the end, it’s just the same. No one will talk to them anymore. It doesn’t make any change.

For the people who might think that they have treated others the way as above, please welcome them back. Make them feel appreciated. Make them feel that people want them in their life. Because I’m afraid that if it’s too late, they won’t come back. They won’t even bother about anything. They would just ignore everything because they know whatever that they tried to do, whatever they tried to to change, no matter how strong they struggled, the outcome will be the same. They will end up being hurt. So, please, bring them back in your life. Because you’ll never know when will be your turn.

For the people who may have suffered a lot because of these, be strong and remain strong. I believe that all of you are strong enough to endure this. It’s a sign of strength. Never give up on hope. There will come one day when you’ll find people who would really appreciate you presence.

With love, tomatobulat 😁✌🏻️

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