The boy was eating at a stall near a junction where he used to go. He was sitting alone and he was eating calmly and silently when a family came and sat at a table right beside him. The family was very loud as it consists of the parents and three little children. One of the children was a cute little girl. She was crying all the time. The mother did her best trying to calm her daughter as the father remain silent and just scroll over his phone.

“Darling, could you please help me over here?” begged the mother.

The father remained silent. The mother seemed to be frustrated with him so she didn’t even bother to ask for the second time. And the little girl keep on crying and it grew even louder.

The boy who was eating watched all of this in a complete silent. He decided to finish his meal as soon as possible and rush away from the stall.

“I guess I can’t even relax in here. Just when I thought I could take a breather when my head full of those notes and questions”, he thought to himself.

The moment he was just about to finish his food, he heard a soft purring from under the table. He looked and found a cat. A dirty but a cute cat. Involuntarily he smiled and said,

“Are you hungry little kitty?”.

The cat seemed to understand what the boy asked. It has happened before. Thousands of time. The dirty white cat walked slowly towards the boy’s feet and rubbed its head there. The boy smiled, took a piece of a chicken on his plate and gave it to the cat. But the cat doesn’t want to eat it! The boy tried for the second time and the result is still the same.

“What’s wrong kitty? You didn’t like this one?” the boy asked.

‘Cats don’t eat chicken. They only eat fish. At least that was what I saw in cartoons”.

The boy looked to his right. It was the little girl that was crying just now. She was smiling. No wonder it has gone a little bit quieter now.

“But I don’t have a fish with me right now. Could you help me?” the boy asked with a smile on his face.

The little girl turned to his mother and whispered something. The boy was watching the both of them while the cat on his feet was purring louder and louder. The mother nodded and smile as she put a fish cut in half on plate and give it to the daughter. The little girl walked towards the boy, sat right next to him, take a little piece of the fish and gave it to the cat. The cat started to smell the fish but still didn’t eat it. It stared at both of them and continued purring.

“Why it doesn’t want to eat? I gave a fish.” The girl said sadly.

“It is because you didn’t clean up the sauce on the fish. The same goes to the chicken that I gave earlier.” The boy said with a smile.

The boy took the fish, clean it up and gave it to the cat. The cat smelled it and eat it. It was so hungry.

“Poor little guy.” The boy said.

As the cat finished eating, it continued to purr and asked for more food. The little girl panicked as she doesn’t has any food left. The boy then took the chicken on his plate, clean it up and gave it to the cat. The cat eat it without hesitating.

“Hey, the cat eat the chicken. How did you do that?” the little girl asked the boy. The boy can just smile and answered, “I used magic.”

The little girl seemed to be so excited and asked him on how to do the magic. The boy laughed and he continued to play his role as the ‘magic expert’. They continued to talked and laughed together until the moment the mother came to take her home.

“It was nice to meet you big brother.” The little girl said with a smile.

The boy smiled back and waved his hand as the little girl got in the car with her family. After a moment, he stood up, paid the bill, went to his bike and went straight home happily. While at the same time, the little girl is also smiling while she was carrying something in her hand.

“I promise I’ll take a good care of you kitty.”

The cat meowed and surprisingly smiled back to the little girl as it continued to sleep after that.

It was indeed a magic on how does one small good deed can affect our whole life. :)

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