I hate cooking !

To my dearest laling, sometimes cooking can be tiresome. It’s a pain in the ass actually even for myself. Its not about that process of cooking itself. It’s about the outcome. The result. The taste of the food that you cook. I’ve learned a lot through cooking.

It teaches you the meaning of patience. It teaches you to manage your work, your time. It will trigger all of your senses, to become more aware. It teaches you to be confident with yourself.

It’s okay if you feel that your cooking is worst and terrible. But, hey, people learn from their mistakes right? Even Colonel Sanders tried thousands of recipes just to make your spicy fried chicken tastes perfect. You’ll get better in it. Insyaallah.

My mom told me one thing about cooking. By cooking for your loved ones, it is one of the most effective way to send your love to them. That’s why they said mom’s cooking is the best hehehe. So, come on dear. Tou can do it. Don’t give up. When the time comes, we’ll cook together. ☺️😁✌🏻️

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