The one thing you need to know:

Don’t ever be afraid to fail

because it’s good to fail that means your trying

Don’t ever be afraid to fall

because its time to stop being afraid

it time to start living you dream you only live once

why not make it worth it?

I mean every thing in life is truly worth it except for the drugs, and beer,and that- and the gangsters and people who just wanna hurt each other that snot right!

YOLO! That means you only live once heres a new thing tryit out

Yololir (You only live once live it right)

Here is my favorite quote I hope you like it to

“I feared life

In till I experienced beauty

I feared hate

in till I saw it was nothing

more than ignorance”

Don’t worry about failure worry about the chances you had to do something and you didn’t even try”

Tomboy51 out

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