This is me being poetic. This relates to me because I like to keep things to myself. I’m full of secrets and I want to share but, I just don’t know how…. Every time I ever try to talk about them, I choke. I’m chained up. There’s metal. It’s dark. There’s no light. It’s very, very scary. I’m just sad. I’m self conscious. I’m a dungeon girl, locked up inside, with my heart broken and no key and know where to hide. When people tell secrets about me, it makes me feel sad, useless and mad.

What do I have to do to make people like me and not want to talk about me behind my back? What will I have to do? If I hear their secrets about me,

I pretend like nothing’s wrong although something is, and every time I keep it in, little puzzle pieces start chipping off of me. I’m a broken puzzle piece darling I’m a mess!

While all my insides start to scream, I suddenly feel to cut or to plead.

“SOMETIMES I FEEL AS IF I WILL NEVER MEET ANOTHER SOUL AGAIN, IN THE DARK SCARY LAYERS OF NIGHT… WHO KNOWS WHAT SECRETS LURK IN THE DARK OF NIGHT?!? WAITING, JUST WAITING TO BE HEARD?” That’s The way I feel inside. Sorry that came `off as so negative, I just wanted to get that scream out before I bursted… With agony and pain of my friends have so caused me to gain. All of this pain is simply to painful all of this ling is simply too horrible and all of my friends are simply too good to be true… All of my crying feels like I’m just drowning in depression I may not show but I am a mess. If you noticed I can’t eat I can sleep I have ADHD… And in spite of everything else I feel I’m an outsider to this world… I am different that’s just me so I crawl up in ball go to my dark place and start to bawl…-” Then you truely know me if haven’t you don’t know me at all not one thing about me … :( Tomboy 51 “ ( Tanae H. ) ;’(☹️☹️☹️!☹️☹️☹️)’:

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