Animatic & Revisiting Storyboards

Week 6 Blog 5

I planned to use last weekend mostly for doing my animatic so that it would be ready for the presentation on Monday’s class but I found myself experimenting with different endings instead of completing it fully, which I don’t think was a bad thing, it definitely helped me realise I wasn’t happy with the way the story was flowing. I thought the ending wasn’t strong enough of a punch line, somewhat to do with the build up but mostly because it felt cliche and silly (the bad silly). Below is the first animatic I’m talking about.

(de Groot, 2017)

From there I played around with other ideas for the ending and immediately felt sure it could be made better.

Alternative ending -


(de Groot, 2017)


(de Groot, 2017)


(de Groot, 2017)

Feedback from Mondays class saw me revisiting my storyboard because I’d lost track somewhere along the initial storyboarding process and made the story fit what kind of animation I wanted to try in 2D (not that that’s a terrible thing but its not really whats going to give me the best result this tri for my portfolio and experience making good animation), instead of making it about what I was intending to show through the short animation which was an under appreciated blacksmith making the best of an opportunity that’s come her way but gets side tracked in her childlike behavior. Below is the most recent version of the storyboard.

(de Groot, 2017)

I feel like this is a better version of the story so I’m glad I got the feedback I did even though it was pushing my schedule out.

I’ll be focusing on starting my 3D textures and putting this new version of the story into an animatic by next week where I’m scheduled to start production. I’d like to stick to the schedule but having my animatic and texturing finished in four days will mean a lot of work and a few late nights but basing off how I worked last tri I feel as though I can get it done if not all, most of it.


de Groot, T. (2017). BlackSmith Animation.