(czas, 2014)

Art Bible

Week 3 Blog 3

We needed to finalize the art bible this week, I had a good idea of what the house is going to look like through all of our sketching and brainstorming so I just needed to draw a final version of it for everyone to work off so I drew the final version of the house although it wasn’t the look I was imagining(wasn’t able to draw the house I wanted).

(de Groot, 2016)

Not being happy with the way the final version was looking I had another go of researching cottages through google, concept artist blogs and Artstation (“ArtStation,” 2016), trying to figure out what was good about their designs and why I liked them in comparison to the house I had drawn. I eventually stumbled upon this thumbnail page of house concepts that was the closest I had been able to find to what I was imagining the look to be.

(Kralik, n.d.)

I started to realize the thing I liked about the overall shape of these houses was the roofs meeting with the floor. I also particularly liked the roof shape of the one in the middle left, I used that shape for the front entrance of the witch cottage and thought it worked well. I put the “final version” aside and played with roofs that go into the ground, I started changing the overall shape of the building and found that wasn’t working so I went back to the basic “U” shape I had originally used. I eventually got to a design I was happy with.

(de Groot, 2016)

I played with a bit of colour to try previsualize the environment atmosphere and feel.

(de Groot, 2016)

I was still unsatisfied with this a final design, I felt it was lacking some detail so I went back to references and noticed a lot more of the structure was present in their designs. My design was almost as if the structure was earth not a building so I poked some of the roof through and come up with a version I was much happier with.

(de Groot, 2016)

I was happy with this design and updated it with my team for feedback and approval. I’m happy I persisted with research when I wasn’t satisfied with my original concept because I feel it led to a much stronger design for our project to center around. I needed to catch up on other tasks as this iteration to the design was not planned for so I started on the other angles of the house. I found doing the front of the house right after the courtyard design much easier to draw, I’d already played with what works and new how to get the look I was after. I think the front drawing came out much cleaner and professional because of it.

(de Groot, 2016)
(Andrew, 2012)

I had trouble with the doors, I kept drawing unimaginative doors before I remembered to look for reference and I’m glad I did. I’m slowly getting in the habit of making myself look at reference for anything I’m drawing, it makes everything look much more authentic. I used reference from an old German castle with a thick aged wooden door.

On Fridays class we got feedback on our art bible before it was due to be submitted, our feedback on the house design was to do with scope and that we would probably have to change our design to be able to finish it within the time frame. We decided we liked the overall look of the house as it is and seeings though we hadn’t finished our interior designs it would be efficient to drop those from the plan instead of canceling the designs for the front of the house that are already finished. The latest Design has the originally planned open kitchen and library closed off by walls and now planning to have distorted coloured glass windows so the player can look into the rooms and get a feel for whats happening without pressure being on the detail inside those rooms because of the distorted coloured glass.

(de Groot, 2016)

We’re looking into how to make the interior of the rooms efficiently so they can be looked in by the player, we are hoping to make a skybox type texture illusion to avoid spending time modeling interior assets that are hardly going to be seen. Next week will be the start of modeling.


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