Week 1

My Professional Identity & How We Are The Same

Talking though the topic of creative disciplines sharing similar characteristics. It’s interesting to recognize each disciplines similarities even though they can be vastly different in specific skills. Similarities such as utilizing an online presence to promote personal work or express ideas and thoughts to be recognized within the industry is a norm for just about every creative professional. It helps get their name out in the community and hopefully attract paid work to further the individuals career.

Michele, 2014

The more I learn about new media work, the more I come to understand their is immense pressure for a creative to take it upon them self to make opportunities if they wish to work in the creative industry. A lot of creatives turn to freelance work to make a name for themselves striving forward to make a living off what they love. This entrepreneurial way of thinking is essential to survive in the industry, thinking outside the box to earn your keep project to project. The lecture introduced me to the idea of an intrapreneur, an entrepreneur minded individual working alongside a larger organisation as opposed to the traditional entrepreneurial way of starting something of their own. I hadn’t heard of this before but immediately made sense and found myself feeling comforted that this was a sought after trait in the industry as I’ve had a few entrepreneurial feats in my career before this course.

Symonds, 2013

One of the important take away’s I had from this lecture was how important it is within new media work to keep up with the industry, whether that be technology or industry trends. The advancements being made in the industry are exciting on one hand, being able to do more and create better projects while on the other hand terrifying to have to stay up to date with every industry leading advancement being made in rapid succession. It’s a daunting thought that what I’m learning in class could be irrelevant in a few years time, with the only option being to learn the new technology and stay relevant in my field. I’ll finish this post with a humorous short depicting the struggle of new technology and the importance of keeping up, I think everyone can relate to the optimism he shows in spite of how demoralizing the situation was presenting. I’ll be sure to try keep the same optimism and determination through my years keeping up with the industry.

lirontopaz, 2009


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