I just wanted to build something of my own.

From the point when I encountered the idea of start-ups I was fascinated by it. The possibility of having whatever my mind has created come to life was exhilarating! Then the entire structure behind the whole process showed.

My mind is full of ideas that I construct and keep within my mind all the time, while not doing actual work on them. The problem of too much talking and not enough doing.

I have a background in business, so marketing and growth hacking have appealed to me as a possible way to get into this business. It was enough but only at start. Seeing this social movement, let’s call it this, sprout all around the world. People having their ideas realized and changing the way people live, changing the world. This was what kept me up at night working on this project, which wasn’t even mine, but the openness of possibilities gave my mind wings to fly and bring new ideas.

According to Steve Jobs ‘An idea is not worth anything, only the work that is invested in it.’


Having all these ideas brought me nothing, so far, only people asking me from time to time if I’ve realized any of them or what am I working on right now. This left me in shame for my lack of action. In the meantime I got my first full time job, I moved and went on vacation — you might say this is not a long time, but for a young person like me, I’m 23, it is too long.

While working I begun to learn to code in my free time, there in an uncountable amount of resources out there that anyone really can get their hands on. It is very often very well written and easy to comprehend, right now I’m digging through “HTML & CSS: design and build websites” by Jon Duckett, which I would recommend.


Having a job in a corporation is simply not enough. The limitations set by the so called system, or rather the people that are comfortable not doing much is not the framework I want to suround myself in. Sooner or later you do become what you surround yourself with.

I do not want to work everyday for 8 hours and keep looking ahead towards the next Friday when I can do nothing for two days. I want to identify myself with my work and be happy to get up in the morning to get back to it. I see people that are too comfortable doing the bare minimum to change this and put a smile on their face.


Work in a corporation is definitely not something that will bring that smile to my face every morning that I wake up. The fact that I’ve started actual work on my own project is progress comparing it to my previous ‘work’. This really lights my mind up and I keep reading a lot, mostly here on @medium, and planning of how I want my project to run but about that maybe next time.