How to Be A Sassy Convict and Personal Brand Specialist

Dead over 100 years, here are 3 Oscar Wilde quotes that will help you grow your personal brand.

A man of wit and wisdom, Oscar Wilde has been remembered as a literary genius and flamboyant personality who died after a harsh stint in an Irish prison. He wore loud fashion and was renowned for his electric conversational skills and distinctly humorous yet educated personality.

With the rise of social media and competition in almost all work-related markets, personal branding has become less of advantage and more of a necessity than ever before. Known best for works such as the Portrait of Dorian Gray, the Irishman was an icon of personal branding. Here are three quotes from Wilde himself that will help you grow your personal brand.

  1. “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

The internet and introduction of social media has created a new world of interaction, engagement, and word of mouth marketing. Google has made every piece of information less than a click away. Everyone is watching, and in a crowd made up of blank stares and over-aggressive opinions, your presence online is controlled by one person: you. Want your personal brand to stand out? Grow by engaging the world around you. Create value in your ideas, share what you know, and get people talking. Want to work at a PR agency? Start a blog about public relations in popular media. Consistently produce and share your work — your followers will come! Utilize your social media streams and get people buzzing about you.

Google yourself. What is the first thing that comes up? That’s for you to decide. Just make it worth talking about.

2. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Being generic is a choice. A choice that many people make. Being generic leads to one thing and one thing only: struggle. Struggle to get fair pay, struggle to do the work you truly want to do, and struggle to make the difference you believe in.

Being generic is a choice, and that’s what makes it great. Its your choice. Embrace your traits. Take your voice and make it unique. Maybe everything you say sounds like poetry, or maybe you love to speak in a wild, high-energy manner — this is all for you to decide. Take what you love and put yourself in it. Its cliche, but don’t try to be anyone else. After all, you want people to hire YOU, or to read YOUR blog, or take part in whatever it is that YOU are doing.

3. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

This one is simple. Be ambitious. I’ve made a million excuses about why things didn’t work out for. Excuses for why I didn’t perform at 100%. Excuses for why I struggled or couldn’t find success in what I was doing. I complained about my lack of experience or size of my portfolio. But none of that matters. We all start at the bottom. The only difference between success and failure is not taking the first step.