I read the techpoint article.
John Ojanti Itebu

I agree with some of what you have said. I believe being perfectionist and creative are not mutually exclusive. The problem is most ‘perfectionist' either don’t release products, or spend years working on something only to find out no one wants to use it.

Secondly, the attitude of people to Nairaland is still something that amuses me. Nairaland uses the same forum template as lots of popular forums like Skyscrapercity. Reddit and HackerNews are uber-popular and uber-ugly but I don’t see Nigerians complaining.

I just think

we should be experimenting fast and furiously. There is no such thing as perfect. Look at the first versions of FB, Twitter and a ton of other popular sites. They were quite ugly on inception.

And the last bit about lifelines. I agree with that, but startups are the last place to be if money is the motive. There is nothing wrong with working while building something on the side. Not every product has to be seen through the prism of startups. The rates of failure are too high. If your margin for error is too low, I’d actually advice against it.

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