The Brighton Pier (A Weekend Experience)

The Brighton pier is one of the city’s most prominent tourist attractions, and leisure locations. The following pictures document the activities of the weekend preceding the Spring bank holiday.

The official name is the ‘Brighton Marine Palace & Pier’

One of the pier’s attractions is its extensive beach; which consists of pebble-filled shore as opposed to a sand shore. ‘Holidayers’ and tourists alike can relax and unwind, read, fish, take strolls along the shore, and even engage in pastimes like stone skipping. Individuals and families looking to enjoy the sea breeze, have free access to its shore. The pier also provides water scooters for jet ski tours at prices ranging from £34 — £122.

A couple engaging in the pastime of stone skipping
Each tour involves one safety instructor
The kindle always comes in handy
A family affair
“we’ve only caught a bass so far”

The pier itself is a mini theme park, consisting of an amusement arcade, a variety of rides including roundabouts, and karting for adults and young ones alike. Its entire length is crowded with a miscellany of food stalls, ranging from doughnut shops to cotton candy booths.

People enjoying one of the pier’s rides

The Brighton pier experience, as documented on the preceding spring Bank Holiday weekend, perhaps accommodates a copious amount of relaxation needs for a varied number of persons; including those who interested in painting. The free access to the shore and aboard the pier, the relatively cheap food stalls, and the jet ski tour make for a delightful experience.

Painting the sea