God’s compass is not broken

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard the story of the soldiers who lost their way in the forest despite the fact that they had a compass. They had this ‘hunch’ that the compass was broken because the way it directed them to was ‘obviously’ not the way. They ended up getting more lost than they already were and the supposed ‘broken’ compass ended up leading them out of the forest. 
 Many times, we feel like God is not doing it right. We are tempted to follow our ‘hunch’. We are convinced there is a better or an easier way. Well God has given us a compass to direct us and I’m super sure it isn’t broken. He knows exactly where and how to lead you so all you have to do is trust His compass (His Word) and trust Him.

The story of David and Goliath again brings to mind one thing — Trust! The Israelites always found it very hard to just trust God and so when they saw Goliath, they were only thinking about the Big Philistines, forgetting about the Big God. Then young David came, trusting the Big God all the way and with a single stone and a sling, down went Goliath. No one takes down a giant with a single stone but David was so confident. He knew it was God leading him and even though it seemed really stupid, he took the risk.
 We may feel that God’s plan for us is really stupid sometimes but we have to remember that God’s foolishness is greater than our human ‘wisdom’(1 Corinthians 1:25,3:19) So when the ‘hunches’ and ‘intuitions’ come, let’s simply wave them aside, trust God and obey His compass; bearing in mind that He would never leave His own (Deuteronmy 31:6). Stay blessed!