20 things I think about on Red day 1

  1. Men have it so easy. Ugh.
  2. Is it possible that pregnancy can be better than this ?🤔
  3. Why wasn’t I a boy 😭
  4. God is definitely a man, a woman would have given men this reresponsibility
  5. I’m so fat. Wtf!
  6. *crying in pain*
  7. Why is every where so hot?!
  8. I blame this monthly situation for all my current life problems
  9. It’s like my enemies are at work, it feels like someone is running a knife through my lower abdomen & then sharply twisting every couple minutes or so.
  10. my boobs feel like they weigh a hundred stone, lifting them is probably the most exercise I get done all day.
  11. 😖 backache
  12. someone threw all my emotions into a blender and left it on
  13. I really hate that I ‘cannot’ talk about it because it makes some men uncomfortable. Pssshh 😒
  14. It’s 4.12am and I’m lying on cushions on my bathroom floor because, nausea.
  15. MOOD SWINGS. Why am I so mad rn?
  16. I could really do with a back massage right now.
  17. In public – “Wait, uh, am I leaking? Girl, check me!”
  18. 0/10 recommendations to future human-like life forms
  19. *sigh* I just want to sleep 😩