Overview of a week in the life of the Cannabis Industry


We begin with 6 hour class session on Monday to explore the growth in the Cannabis Media industry since the passing of Amendment 64. We watched an eye opening documentary, Rolling Papers that showed a comprehensive introduction to the Cannabis Industry, followed by a one on one meeting of features marijuana critic for the Denver Post , @FakeJakeBrowne.

Day two at #CannabisJournalism

Started out with an adventure, a visit downtown to the Denver Post and a behind the scenes viewing of the Cannabist.co show.

We then got to chat with main editor, Ricardo Baca on the industry and how he prefers to cover upcoming media events in an effort to educate and encourage understanding.

After we did the casual- tourist thing while exploring downtown Denver and enjoying an afternoon at Union Station we had to opportunity to attend a campaign event at the Vicenti Sederburg law firm for Jonathan Singer, huge supporter and activist in regards to Jack Splitt and medical marijuana laws in the schools of Colorado. Jack was set to start high school this August with unencumbered access to his medications when he died Wednesday, Aug. 24th of 2016.

Day three with #CannabisJournalism

We began with a trek down to Sweet Grass Kitchen where I was unfortunately exiled from what I have deemed is ‘where the magic happens’. On the bright side, I did get to chill with a #dope puppy and abuse my alone time with the marketing reps of the company. We quickly began on great terms and they taught me about excessive restrictions the state of Colorado is placing on the labeling of edibles.

That afternoon we were visited by weed and wax columnist and expert, Ry Prichard . Who explained to us the chemical side of cannabis and the differentiation of cannabinoids and cannabis with THC.

Day four at #CannabisJournalism

Today we ventured into the farms wildlife of Colorado at CBDRx, a medicinal hemp grow in Longmont, CO. I had a great time shocking the people on my snapchat media with the pictures of apparent weed plants before I spilled the beans on @twitter .

Day five with #CannabisJournalism

Today was our final day on this #lit adventure.

We began by discussing how women are taking the Cannabis Industry by storm and really establishing themselves very early and securely. For example, Jane West has overcome past setbacks and taking the cannabis industry by storm.

All in all, I did exactly what I set out to do by taking this class. I now have a clearer view on which parts of the industry are malleable and still have tough answers to be searched for.