Top 10 data tech beta’s

Check out the top ten of KVK:\BETA_, discover tech data startups and join Demo Day on September 23rd at B. Amsterdam.

What is KVK:\BETA_?
A challenge Professional Rebel has developed for the Chamber of Commerce. We’ve asked developers, tech companies and other digital nerds to create a tool that will benefit tech startups, by providing new insights, validating ideas and concepts, and showing in-depth market information.

Previously on KVK:\BETA_
We’ve received a ton of applications and after an intensive selection by experts like Marc Köhlbrugge and Ton van 't Noordende, we got it down to the final top 10 contenders.

So join us during Demo Day the 23rd of September in Amsterdam and meet the top 10.

These are KVK:\BETA_’s Top 10:

Clear Predictions

Onno Pistorius

Clear Predictions provides predictions with powerful yet user-friendly machine learning technology. With it a large amount of predictions can be done, like ranking the best prospects, recognizing clients that could leave and clients that can be won back.


Milan van den Bovenkamp

The tool Wildcard makes it easier for users to start conversations between people that are interested in each other. We show people why they could start a conversation with each other in places where they both are.

Daan Kolkman

A tool which uses data to create a behaviour profile of all companies in the Netherlands. This data can be analyzed through language processing and machine learning. That way we can identify similar companies, recognize patterns in their behaviour and channel this information in a dashboard.


Manouk Bot /

.DOT gives tech-startups the opportunity to give insight into their company’s history and provide each other with honest feedback. Investors get the chance to see the company’s history of tech-startups and can rely on this when deciding if it is financially attractive to invest.


Arthur van der Wees

Zapplied Essentials provides knowledge for startups, early stagers and SMEs (initially in the Netherlands) suchs as contracts with clients, HR contracts, and suppliers. That way entrepreneurs can focus on what they’re good at.

Clever Cedric

Igor Mikhalev

This tool reduces uncertainty associated with starting a new company, specifically in the rapidly developing technology industry. This let’s you save time and money by validating the business model the entrepreneur has in mind against the predictive model built on the available (and proprietary) KVK data.


Bram Kuijken

This tool allows early stage startups to validate the problem they are trying to solve and to validate the proposition that should solve that problem. It combines a variety of internet data to provide a relevant set of companies and employees for problem validation, and it allows the startup to test and tweak their proposition and quickly iterate through different versions to validate more accurately.

Wim Korevaar is a unique and powerful platform where entrepreneurs and startups can quickly and easily discover, share, structure, bookmark, and rank the most valuable information necessary to start and scale up their business.


Giovanni van Paz

Startups want a comprehensive overview about all aspects of their business: E-Pluribus does exactly that by providing access to the right data (both at a local and global level) that can be used by a startup to validate its business idea and check how their innovation would perform in the market.


Jandrik Blom

To receive valuable insights into big data through data analysis and machine learning most of the the time you still need to hire an expert. Wouldn’t it be much easier if there was a platform on which people could share data and the information they wanted to retrieve from that data? That’s Claryfine, a platform that does just that.

We cordially invite you to theDemo Day…

  • When: September 23rd 16.00–19.30 (including drinks)
  • Where: B.Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763A
  • What: Pitches, audience award and startup/corporate connections


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