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Last November I decided to travel to Equador to take surf lessons, explore the country and get inspired. As a creative person working in a Swiss Bank, I like to travel alone from time to time and open my mind for new experiences and people. I love to be spontaneous, plan as less as possible and get lost in a foreign country. It’s a great contrast to my daily business, and life in Switzerland in general.

After spending two weeks in Montañita with surfing, reading and drinking cocktails for 3$, I took a flight to the Galapagos Islands. On the first day I explored Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristóbal — a beautiful and charming village where humans and seals live next to each other. …

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People love workflow- and productivity tips — and so do I. Here are some of my workflow tips for Sketch 3 that I want to share with you.

Use symbols the right way

I start with the most valuable tip I have. I’m currently heavily involved in the redesigning process of our online banking. I therefore need to design a lot of lists and tables. You know, the boring stuff…

So this is a example of a bank statement. I vertically aligned the text on each line for the first draft:

I’m using an iPhone 6 since almost two months now. I was pretty excited about the larger display and for sure does it improve the user experience when browsing a website or playing games. However, big smartphones do have their drawbacks and I want to focus on one particular problem. I’m using the Twitter App as an example:

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My too short thumb…

The Problem

Can you guess it? I am the epitome of laziness! How I’m supposed to comfortable reach the back-button without repositioning my hand?

This seriously annoys me. I’m a one-hand smartphone user and I want to interact with it in a comfortable way. I don’t want to reposition my hand and I definitely don’t want to use my second hand to hit the back-button. …


It’s no secret anymore that Sketch 3 is the new player in the game for creating user interface designs such as websites and apps. I’ve been using Photoshop for years and I’m still a big fan, but once you’ve started designing in Sketch, you’ll love it even more!

Enough said. Let’s create a sweet looking Calendar App Design Concept. This is how the final product should look like:

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Final Calendar App Design

1. The Artboard

On the top left side click Insert -> Artboard or hit (A) to select the Artboard-Tool. You can either draw a canvas by hand or click on the right side on a predefined artboard. I choose iPhone 6 portrait. …


Thomas Veit

UX, UI, Psychology, Innovation, Design Thinking, Design Systems @3ap | @hyperisland & @Shillington_ Alumni

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