My Idea || Social Media Channel

For my social media channel i have come to the idea of making a student tips and tricks platform, as i believe it will be very engaging with people who are somewhat stuggling with uni life and need a bit of guidence on what and what not to do. I will post weekly blogs on different tips and tricks with hopefully funny antidotes about experiences I or my peers have endured, before they knew the either simple tip or trick to help avoid the embarrassing or just annoying ordeal. The blogs will be posted on medium as well as shared on my twitter and a instagram account i have purposly made for this channel.

Due to the theme being quite general, every post will be most likly different each week. I will take suggestions and make content to help people out who need a tip or trick on a aspect of uni life, but just a warning i dont know every tip or trick some you will have to either just make up, or there is just simply not one, but i will give it my best go.

My Student Tips & Tricks : Blurb

Being a student is great, most people consider it to be the best time of your life, but there will be times where you could muck up in either a major way or in a funny embarrassing way — i personally think it adds to the experience and makes for a good story. You learn from your mistakes (hopefully) and make mental notes or tips you can tell others or don’t as you like to see the world burn and laugh at the people who struggle. I personally would like to share my tips and tricks with you and antidotes i fine funny, to ensure uni is the best time of life so far.