Are you an outsider?

Are you a outsider? Do you live fighting the currents either consciously or unconsciously? Where does this lifestyle lead? These are questions facing many people as they find themselves stuck in the middle again and again. When you fight currents and swim upstream you naturally tend to hover in the same general area. For example, I find the majority of people hold personal beliefs such as politics & religion higher than regard for others and their feelings, and for the ones that surround them distant so it’s easier to follow currents to appear correct. The well worn saying “go with the flow” simplifies this point. The current could be leading one way or the other, it seems not to matter to some as long as they are in ‘like’ company. Importance of validation through crowd momentum is far more important than taking a step to one side and watching the flow much less striving to create ..alone. This ‘herd’ mentality may be the result of a overprotective upbringing or the need for reassurance. It however cannot define a being unless it is allowed to do so.

Most people who follow ‘go with the flow’ tend to leave the heavy thinking to others and only weigh in by agreeing with majority stances. While ‘the outsiders’ are busy with the constant struggles of ‘up hill’ battles or the upstream swim they are also busy deflecting commonly used and elementary ideas while striving for the the heart of the issues. This behavior tends to isolate them from the pack and thus they become rouge. When it’s thought about it in layman's terms known geniuses and savants are good examples. How did the great musician become proficient? How did the scientist, author, inventor and so on become comfortable with their craft? By stepping aside and ignoring the flow? Yes. This strength was gained by concentration and study of the subject and after many failures victory was found starting with a glimmer of hope. To apply one’s self to the heart of the matter unfettered by the opinion and actions of the crowd is often accompanied by isolation and or ridicule. This may be a staggering blow to many and a test of endurance that we are taught we cannot face, therefore ‘go with the flow’ was born. It is believed that in order to survive we must adhere to social ideals above all else, while this can be true for some it is not a necessity of life for all. The afore mentioned ‘disregard’ for others in favor of the majority shows that the pack mentality is strong and with that..May god forgive if you lag, the future will darken quickly. Not far behind every ‘herd’ follows the wolf, and he has yet to be merciful.

Let us live as outsiders, let it be, help others shine and lead the timid in the streams of the world. To be an outsider is a sacrifice we make for our future and the future of life. Take no shame on your shoulder for it needs none. The time used to think and and create is time well spent…be pleased outsider, you can always walk through the door that presents itself to you in the best light with pride…Or not.

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